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Expert Fitness Belt has taken the next step in treadmill belt development, and introduces the next generation maintenance free belt for commercial units. This advanced next generation maintenance free belt needs no lubrication, so there is no wax build-up on the deck or pulleys. As a result, Expert Fitness treadmill belts run free of any wax-related noise or tracking problems offering the only true maintenance free belt. Expert Fitness treadmill belts feature excellent appearance and durability.


Unique maintenance free solution

  • No lubrication required for the life of the product, reduced downtime
  • Less abrasion of belt’s pulley side and sliding deck
  • Low operational cost
  • Long belt life
  • Durable surface with optimized pattern Runner friendly

  • Less surface abrasion
  • Excellent appearance
  • Good grip for runners‘ shoes
  • Low and constant amp-draw

  • Energy savings, lower operational costs


    No wax build-up on deck or pulley

  • Constant amp draw
  • Accurate belt tracking
  • Noise and vibration reduction

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